Date problem


Date problem

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    March 1, 2016 at 6:28 am #94682
    Date problem

    So i me a girl at a party she’s 16 im 17. I met her on the way to the party but we just exchanged names. As i was chilling with friends for about an hour outside smoking she comes and grabs my tobacco then goes inside and hides it. After a minute i go find her and from then we started flirting, then dancing, hugging and basically alot of touching and just being really close to each other. I didn’t try anything sexual because when i told her to go out to balcony and chill there alone she kind of avoided it, cold and stuff. She gave me her phone number herself and it wasn’t to get rid of me, as she joked about our contact names and had no problem to spend the rest of the party together. The next day i create a fb account just to use the messenger with her. I texted her at night 10-11 o clock, we chatted about some stuff in the party and then the following conversion happens
    Me: I wanna see u again, soon. Will i have the opportunity?
    She: Emm if you want y.
    Me: Smiley face

    March 1, 2016 at 6:45 am #94683

    She:Smiley face with one eye closed.
    Me: We’ll talk tomorrow because im lacking sleep from the party and wont wake up in the morning.
    She: Okayy
    She:Good niight
    Me: Good night.
    Next day in the afternoon about 7 o clock i send her
    Me: When are u available?
    She: Available for what?
    Me: To go out with me.
    She: Aaa
    She: I don’t know
    She: You?
    Me: I have a flexible programm, mainly in the weekend.
    She: I see.
    Then for about 40 min after she has not said anything. Then i send her
    Me: Did u decide on something?
    She: Yes.
    I wait 6-7 min then i send her
    Me: ok…i got it. ( rlly stupid of me to say..)
    She: I have no problem to go out with you.
    Me: Huge smiley face (by accident, wanted the small one)
    Me: happy about it, tell me when you decide.
    She: Pff
    How should i act now, when should i text her? How does she feel? Did she expect me to suggest a day and place? What does she expect to hear now? T
    What does she mean with that “pff”? Thanks everyone in advance for helpin

    March 3, 2016 at 5:15 am #94872

    Either she’s waiting on you to take control and suggest places to go, or that was a brief little fling you guys had at the party