Date Question


Date Question

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    Date Question

    I met up with a guy last night (our first date) at a restaurant. He smiled heavily upon seeing me, and the heavy smiling lasted for several minutes. We talked about lots of subjects. One of the subjects we talked about was the dating site we met on. He mentioned other dating sites that i should try out.
    He also mentioned that he is still living with his “ex” in order to be of some assistance to his “ex” transportation wise (ex has several DUI’s).

    Why is he mentioning other dating sites i should try out during our date ? I took that to be inappropriate.

    Later on, he seemed to be “into me”, and he suggested to me that we should go for a walk after dinner, which we did. That is a mixed signal to me.

    May 27, 2019 at 6:10 pm #201137

    “He mentioned other dating sites that i should try out”

    That means one of two things.
    1. He’s not all that {into you} or doesn’t see (you) being “the one” for him.
    2. He understands at this stage both of you are probably keeping your options open.

    A common mistake a lot of online daters make is pretending as if they are in an “exclusive relationship”.
    It should be refreshing to hear someone be upfront about the fact that both of you are “looking”.
    At this stage you’re just casual acquaintances. If thing ever (evolve) then expectations will be discussed.

    Some people have a way making the most out of every dating opportunity.
    The have a knack for getting along with others, making conversation, smiling and laughing.

    Nevertheless they already know it’s not a “love connection” and have no planes to pursue a (relationship).
    Oftentimes the other person walks away feeling they had a “great date” and they’re shocked to be ghosted.
    They’re used to people acting like jerks when uninterested instead of being polite.

    May 28, 2019 at 1:19 am #201147

    online dating rarely works