Dates From Heaven And Dates From Hell – Share Your Story


Dates From Heaven And Dates From Hell – Share Your Story

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    March 16, 2013 at 11:42 pm #26031
    Dates From Heaven And Dates From Hell – Share Your Story

    Well, since all the other contributors, including our “Key Master”, have been strangely silent this past week I thought I’d start a new thread on a subject that we can pretty much all relate to – namely, dates from Hell. And I’d also like to hear about your best dates of all time, just to even things out.
    As for me, although I’ve been on hundreds of dates in my life I have to admit I haven’t really had a whole lot of bad ones. There is one in particular though that stands out as probably being the worst.

    It happened back when I was still living in Tokyo. I was teaching English at the time and was doing a lot of what are known as company classes. This is when an English school sends a teacher out to various companies to teach some of their employees English right there in their own offices. This particular assignment was only for two or three classes I think because I was taking over for someone else. Anyway on the first day of class one of the students really caught my eye. She was a bit on the shy side but she was absolutely gorgeous. And as luck would have it the feeling was apparently mutual because before my very last class with them the other girls took me aside and told me that this girl had a big crush on me. Long story short we ended up making arrangements to go out on a date. Bear in mind my company had a strict policy against dating students so I was more than a little apprehensive about what might happen if the date somehow went south.
    Anyway I decided to take her to a nice Italian restaurant since I knew that’s what she liked, and as we were sitting there waiting for our meal to arrive I noticed that this girl was even shyer than I had originally thought. In fact the whole time we were there I couldn’t get her to say more than two words. Of course I realize that she spoke almost no English and my Japanese was still not great at the time but I couldn’t even get her to talk in her own language. As uncomfortable and awkward as dinner was though, I figured once we got to the nightclub and had a few drinks she would loosen up a bit. Unfortunately though things just went downhill from there. About 5 minutes after we sat down at our table in the club she got up to go to the ladies room. Then when I looked around to see what was taking her so long I noticed that she was talking to another American guy just out side the entrance to the restrooms. They were both talking and laughing and carrying on like the best of pals. Needless to say I was a bit miffed about this. After all I had spent almost $50 on dinner and another $50 to get us into the nightclub and I couldn’t even get her to smile or to say more than two words to me. And yet now here she is apparently having a great time and yuking it up with some guy she just met. In my head I knew that she was only shy around me because she really liked me but my insecurities were just starting getting the best of me I guess. Anyway I tried to play it cool and I decided to just wait for her to finish talking. Then when I looked up again I saw that she was on the dance floor dancing with this guy and she didn’t even bother to come over and tell me about it first. I actually wouldn’t have minded her accepting an invitation to dance from another guy if she had just had the common decency to come over and ask me if I minded first. Then when she stayed out there for a second dance I really started coming unglued. In fact I was furious. My first instinct was to just ditch her right then and there and go to another club. But of course that would mean I would have to pay another $30 cover charge on top of the hundred I’d already forked out that night. So I decide to just make the best of it and find someone else right where I was and I headed for the dance floor (In Japan you normally don’t ask girls to dance. Everyone just goes out on the dance floor and you work your way over to the person you like as you are dancing and then you just start talking and dancing together). Well as luck would have it I didn’t have to wait long to find another girl. This really attractive and very sensual girl just came up and started dancing with me. She looked a lot like Nokko, a famous Japanese pop singer at the time and I just couldn’t believe my luck at having found her. Not to mention the fact that now I could rub my two-timing date’s face in it.
    Anyway this girl was nothing like my date. She spoke nearly perfect English and she didn’t have a shy bone in her entire body. She was a girl who sees what she wants and just takes it. In fact she was extremely confident and forward while at the same time being very laid back. After about 10 minute of dancing she took me back to where she was sitting and introduced me to her girlfriend and her girlfriends boyfriend, who looked to be an American Serviceman who was stationed in Japan (not hard to spot them, even in plain clothes). Then we sat down to chat and she took a drink from her coke. As she did I noticed that she liked to eat the ice so I told her that I have the same habit. After that she took another mouth full of ice and said “come and get it then”, so naturally I did, and we started making out right there in middle of the club. She was a fantastic kisser and for about 30 seconds I thought I had really hit that jackpot with this one. That’s when I looked up and noticed that the whole time we were kissing she was eerily staring at her friend who by this time was getting touchy feely with her own boyfriend. At first I though she must have the hots for her friends boyfriend but then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was probably the friend herself that she wanted. After all I had noticed from the start that she gave off this weird vibe that made me think she might be a lesbian or a bisexual. It didn’t really matter at this point though because either way I knew that she was definitely not interested in me and that she was just using me to make someone else jealous. And seeing as how her friend was definitely straight it was clear that neither one of us was going to get what we really wanted that night.
    Anyway at some point I got up to go to the restroom and on my way there I suddenly found my path blocked by my date. She was so upset that she was practically shaking as she started giving me the third degree. Then she had the nerve to try and slap me across the face. Fortunately I have extremely quick reflexes though and I just snatched her hand out of the air mid flight before she even touched me. I’m not about to let a girl slap me for something that was basically her fault. Still after she left I felt so terrible that I was almost sick about it. I’ve always been a ridiculously nice guy and normally I would never even dream of talking to another girl while on a date, much less kissing one. Of course I had not really planned on it either. I just wanted to make her a little jealous by dancing with another girl to give her a taste of her own medicine when things just got out of hand. In hind site of course I knew that she was just too naïve and stupid to know that she was actually doing anything wrong. Naturally though this also meant that she would probably always see me as some kind of jerk who was totally to blame for everything. And in truth I have to admit that if I had not had such low self-esteem way back when, and therefore been so insecure, the date probably would have ended up working out great.
    Anyway I ended up hanging out (and making out) with, my new and likely bi-sexual “girlfriend” and her friends until after the last train, which meant I was stuck in Roppongi all night. Fortunately one of the girls lived fairly close by though and about 4AM we all shared a taxi back to her place. I really just wanted to go home at this point but I wasn’t going to shell out another $50 for a taxi just to get home two hours earlier (the trains start around 6AM). So anyway once we get inside the couple goes off to their room and me and my girl go to sleep in another room, which kind of sucked for me. After all I knew that once there was nobody around for her to put on a show for that she would treat me like I wasn’t even there, and sure enough that’s exactly what happened. She even slept fully clothed. If this girl had wanted me she would have just had her way with me but she didn’t even seem interested in getting to know me now.
    So anyway I’m laying there horny as hell next to this super hot girl who doesn’t want anything to do with me on any level and trying in vain to get some much needed sleep. And to make matters worse my stomach is also tied up in knots worrying whether or not my former student is going to get me fired from my job because of what I did to her. After all if I loose the job I also loose my visa sponsorship as well which pretty much means my whole life is down the drain.
    When I finally got home that morning I just felt like I had been put through the ringer. It was one of those times when you really wish you had some kind of machine to just erase the last 24 hours of your life.

    Okay now for my best date, or at least one of the best. This date took place when I was living in Honolulu. Anyway I was walking down the street in Waikiki one day when I saw the most gorgeous sexy woman I had ever seen in my life. She looked to be about 27 or 28, and she had a body and face to die for. She also had this air of sophistication about her and I could tell she came from money and that she was highly educated (turned out to be a 29-year old university professor with wealthy parents). Anyway she was just strolling around window-shopping so I started following her and trying to get her to notice me and make eye contact so I could judge her possible interest. I mean I’m a fairly confident guy and all but even I usually wont go in cold (engage without receiving a glance or smile first), especially with someone this far out of my league.
    Unfortunately I could never get her to notice me or to even look my way though. So after about ten minute I decided to just give up and started walking in the other direction. I only got about 20 feet though when I stopped and said to myself “screw it” and I just turned around, caught up to her, bit the bullet, and just started talking. We walked as we talked and the conversation continued on without missing a beat all the way to the end of hotel row. There we sat on a bench by the beach and talked until well after sunset. It was amazing how we could talk like we had known each other for years. There were no lulls in the conversation, no awkward pauses. Eventually though we both got hungry and decided to go have dinner at a nice restaurant on the other end of Waikiki where we continued talking for another few hours. After that we walked all the way back to the bench where we were before and I remember being impressed that she could walk what probably amounted to several miles in 4 or 5 inch heels and not complain about her feet hurting or having to rest along the way. I wouldn’t make it 5 feet in those things.
    Well by now it was around midnight and we decided to go skinning dipping in the ocean right across from her hotel. Then one thing led to another and we ended up making love right there on the beach under a beautiful full moon. I can still picture her perfect naked body glistening in the moonlight.
    Long story short, that first date lasted for three solid days and nights and led to a serious relationship. I guess the lesson here is, when in doubt just go for it.

    Anyway those are my best and worst dates. Now its time to hear from you guys. Ladies are of course welcome as well.

    March 18, 2013 at 4:46 pm #26141

    Okay, apparently not such a relatable topic after all – my bad. Or perhaps people just think that this kind of stuff is too personal to reveal in such a public forum. Or it could just be that less people read this forum than read the labels on their milk cartons every morning. We definitely need more traffic on this site.