Dating a Minister


Dating a Minister

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    May 11, 2013 at 10:47 pm #31016
    Dating a Minister

    I have been seeing a minister for about three months (I need to warn the reader(s) this is a long explanation. He has made it quite clear he is looking for a wife. I too am open for a husband. I realize he is quite busy; he is a practicing psychiatrist and a bishop. He has made it clear that he really only has Friday’s and Monday’s available. With that said there has been limited time to get to know each other.

    He has made overtures to move much quicker than I am willing to do so. Last Saturday after we ended, he made an attempt to kiss me. It truly caught me off guard; I reacted in a startling manner. I had to explain I really had not kissed a guy (I have some religious beliefs and promises I have made that make me hesitant). I told him not to worry; it caught me off guard. I really would expect any guy to ask is he could kiss me. He asked when we can meet again. I said Monday evening will be fine. He called me on the way home and said he was sorry because he felt like he violated me. I said no worries, I was just not expecting that. I reminded him to contact me about Monday. I texted him the next day as I normally do to see how his Sunday services went. He did not text me back, nor did he contact me about going out Monday.

    Should I try to contact him? Do I need to reassure him it was okay? Or, should I just chalk it up to a loss and take my learned lessons. Perhaps, I am too slow. Perhaps I should not be too startled.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Thanks so very much!