Dating after divorce, problem with ex.


Dating after divorce, problem with ex.

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    November 8, 2018 at 10:32 am #188994
    Dating after divorce, problem with ex.

    One and a half years ago my wife decided to cheat on me, leaving my children home with me while running off with some guy. She ended up getting pregnant. I ended up filing for divorce, go figure. We just recently completed the divorce and I recently acquired a new girlfriend. My new girlfriend is very sweet and loving towards my children, which matters a lot to me.

    Throughout our relationship (albeit short) she has had complaints about my ex. She makes assumptions about my ex that are not true, but when I try to let her know she says I’m defending my ex. I’m not, I’m just telling her the truth because I know my ex way better than she does. She will say things like the kids are sick because of her actions, she’s a bad mother, etc. When I ask her why she thinks that, she doesn’t provide proof and instead gets mad at me that I don’t agree. Granted, my ex is not the best person in the world, obviously, but I know what kind of person she is.

    By the way, I’m 30, my ex is 28 and my gf is 24

    November 8, 2018 at 10:32 am #188995

    I’ll be happy to supply more details if need be. Couldn’t say everything in one post.

    November 8, 2018 at 12:20 pm #189030

    My theory is your new girlfriend is crazy about you!
    So much in fact it upsets her that another woman had your heart before she met you.
    Each time you defend or compliment your ex it sounds to her like you haven’t gotten over your ex.

    You didn’t breakup your family because you fell out of love with your wife. Her actions created a “deal breaker” in your mind.
    If your ex had not cheated on you and gotten pregnant you’d still be with her!

    Your current girlfriend needs reassurance she is not a “rebound”.
    She wants to believe you two {were meant to be together} and your former marriage was a HUGE Mistake!
    Every woman wants to believe she is a “step up” from the previous women her man has dated or married.
    Oftentimes women are more competitive than men especially when it comes relationship appearances

    If you’re “in love” with your girlfriend you might consider letting her have a few “victories”.
    She wants you to validate she is better for you than your ex ever was.