Dating app rematch from 2 years in the making, help I need her to reply/date me.


Dating app rematch from 2 years in the making, help I need her to reply/date me.

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    January 13, 2018 at 10:12 pm #162396
    Dating app rematch from 2 years in the making, help I need her to reply/date me.

    So i’ve matched with this girl multiple time for the over the last year & half. Finally 4th match on an date app, i’m able to talk her into coffee. Goes fine and she text here and there, hit her with a date proposal, and get no response. Cut losses after 2 days and unmatch with her. Work on myself physically and academically.
    1 year goes by..

    Present day- see her on the app, swipe & assume I have 0 odds with this again. Wake up to see she’s matched me YET again & texted. I’m blown away, she must remember me from a year ago (I have pretty identifying features). I give a reply & ask how she is. No reponse, this was 2 days ago.

    What should I do? I’m dying to get a date with this person. I can’t risk anything that may be taken as aggressive/creep to her (we run in the same circles and i’ll most likely run into her in person.)

    Should I ‘nudge’ her or keep waiting? I want to hope she just busy, but it’s tortuous that we keep matching never get a any further.

    sound proof advice, plz & ty

    January 14, 2018 at 7:05 pm #162417

    Ok as a woman that uses dating apps I can tell you that she is either not interested or a bit tired of trying to date. I constantly create profiles on dating apps, don’t really respond to people and just delete them from frustration. But it sounds like you really have things together and are obviously into her, so I think you need to send her a message, something like this:

    “Hey, I really hate these dating sites, its so hard to actually try to get to know someone on here. I know we’ve matched in the past but how about this time we actually go on a date. I’d love to take you for a coffee or dinner, let me know when you’re free!”

    I think that with this message you will really be putting yourself out there and giving her one last chance to respond. If she doesn’t respond to this then I just think it is time to move on. Good luck 🙂