Dating my friend's ex, what should I do?


Dating my friend's ex, what should I do?

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    August 10, 2016 at 4:22 pm #107901
    Dating my friend's ex, what should I do?

    *Read this first! My friend broke up with him around 3-4 months ago because they argued a lot and they weren’t happy (she sexted a guy while they were together and that ruined the trust in their relationship). So, a month after that he decided to befriend me and we immediately hit it off. I could tell him anything. He later said he liked me and 1.5 months after that I decided I liked him too. My friend and I haven’t been close lately because the guy she sexted was a guy she knew I liked (they used to sext 2 years before and that’s just drama in itself. But she said it was ok if I liked him blah blah blah). After that the trust in our friendship wasn’t the same and we haven’t really talked over summer break. I dont like him out of revenge. Not only did he approach me first, I also didn’t plan on dating my senior year of high school to focus on getting into college, grades, and clubs I’m in. Our relationship kind of just happened; he is a great friend, very sweet and caring, he’s interes