Did he leave an open door or did He just put me on friendzone?


Did he leave an open door or did He just put me on friendzone?

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    November 3, 2017 at 6:09 pm #155070
    Did he leave an open door or did He just put me on friendzone?

    I met this guy almost 8 months ago, in the same dorm.

    I caught him staring at me many times and one day, when we bumped into each other, since He behaved shyly and nervously, I started assuming He had a crush on me. Over the following weeks we met several times but it seemed that neither of us was able to move forward.

    I would never have the courage to strike up a conversation.

    On the other hand, I knew we were supposed to leave the town at the end of our internship, while time was going by fast. I didn’t want to miss out the possibility to meet that person before we both left, thus I worked up the courage to write, in a letter, that I wanted to get acquainted with him. He responded positively but it took him some effort before asking me out. He had always shown aloofness, introversion and shyness. A mutual acquaintance said me He never used to speak about himself.

    Two months later, still wondering if He was into me or not, I brought up the awkward episode when we bumped into each other brought up the awkward episode when we bumped into each other, trying to make him split out something. He was visibly embarrassed. He pretended to not know what I was talking about and as I asked him what was his opinion about that and the letter I stuck on his door He only said, with a smirk and his head down, <well… I feel observed>.

    A week later, I implicitly confessed him my crush with a message. He didn’t text me back.

    In order to ease embarrassment between us in the following times we could have met, I wrote him 4 days later that I got the hint and that it was okay for me to remain on friendly terms. So <let’s act as nothing happened>. But He definitely started ghosting on me.

    Some weeks later, I accidentally bumped into him. He smiled as He saw me. He came towards me and started a conversation. Though, I noticed He still acted shy and nervous. Later He came towards me again to say that He was willing to give something away for me before leaving his room and moving away.

    I asked him when He would be leaving and when He answered “at the end of the week”, I heard his voice shaking. He seemed troubled… It also seemed to me that in the last days He started smoking outside instead of doing it in his room as He used to do. (That’s way I often bumped into him)