Did I lose her or not?


Did I lose her or not?

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    December 23, 2017 at 7:08 pm #160923
    Did I lose her or not?

    I messaged a woman on an online dating site a few days ago. We exchanged a few messages and then I gave her my phone number so we could text and she texted me almost immediately.

    Day 1: We texted some, possibly 15-20 texts each. All light and fun. She even asked if I always planned on making her laugh so much. She left me hanging when I asked her a question but the next morning she texted me saying she fell asleep.
    Day 2: Texted more…probably 30-35 texts each but I made the mistake and asked about her parent that had died that year (she gave me the info) so while it was fun there were some sad parts.
    Day 3: Quiet -no communication
    Day 4: I texted her and we exchanged a few messages but it wasn’t as light & funny as day 1 or 2 I don’t think.
    Day 5: I again texted her and got a few replies but never received a reply to my last text about some movie she likes (nothing serious).
    Day: Today nothing.

    Xmas is in 2 days I know but how long should I wait? Did I lose her? Should I try again?