Do I have a chance with her? (19 and 23)


Do I have a chance with her? (19 and 23)

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    October 5, 2017 at 8:41 pm #151677
    Do I have a chance with her? (19 and 23)

    I started working at this company that my father works at 1w ago and on the 1st day I was shown around by this really beautiful girl. I work on the floor above hers so I don’t get to talk to her much, if at all, and when I do see her I never get to talk to her about what I want because she works in an open office where everyone watches our conversation like it’s a sitcom TV series, anyways she always makes an effort to catch my eye and smile when she can and she’s always interested in what I have to say, I crack a couple of jokes now and then and she always laughs. Is she in to me or just being nice? And is me being 19 and her being 23 change the way she sees me compared to the way I see her because of the age difference. I’m wondering whether I actually stand a chance with this girl or if I should just drop all of my feelings towards her. My job is temporary but I live 5 mins from the workplace so I can see her if I get replaced. Pls help me I really like her but don’t know what to do