Do I need to speed things up to avoid friendzone?


Do I need to speed things up to avoid friendzone?

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    September 2, 2018 at 4:51 pm #183292
    Do I need to speed things up to avoid friendzone?

    So I met this girl at the beer festival and the night went nice. I got all kinds of good hints. Once she found out that I played tennis she got really excited because she has been searching for someone to play tennis with. During that night she asked me about my height (which is a good thing in my case) and compared my arm to my friend’s SWOLE arm and said that she prefers my physique. Then 1 week later she called me and we went and played tennis. It was great and all but at the end she gave me a fucking fistbump. Now I hope to god that its because we were sweaty and all, but idk. I talked about what I do and im making quite good money for my age (19 and shes 20) and i was careful not to brag about it. We talked nicely and everything seemed fine but that fucking fistbump is killing me. I am gonna ask her out in like 2 or 3 weeks when she’s all done with her exams.

    But my question is: Is that too much time to wait and am i gonna get fucked by friendzone im fucking panicking right now