Does he think of me as more than a friend? I can’t read him.


Does he think of me as more than a friend? I can’t read him.

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    March 2, 2018 at 2:49 am #166687
    Does he think of me as more than a friend? I can’t read him.

    So I’ve known one of my guy friends for a few years now and we’ve recently been talking more since he moved to my city. We went to a 2-day social gathering where the first day he was always around me and we even had lunch together with a few people but ended up talking to each other the whole time since he came to sit next to me. Outsiders mentioned that he looked so happy when we were talking and that we would make a cute couple. The next day he didn’t make that much of an effort and I got confused when he was socializing with other people and flirting with some girls. I’ve noticed if I’m talking to another guy friend, he will come up and say hello and try to get in the conversation but if he can’t he’ll leave so I have to include him someway so he won’t leave. Whenever he leaves he’ll always say bye to me and say “I’ll see you in a bit” or “I’ll see you Sunday”. We’ve had serious talks about our views of marriage and some talks about just lighthearted stuff to make him laugh.