Does she really like me or ??


Does she really like me or ??

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    January 5, 2016 at 12:30 am #90990
    Does she really like me or ??

    OK buckle up ladies and gentlemen this is a doooooozy..
    I recently met this woman in her early 20’s , very attractive very cool we have tons in common and she has a boyfriend.
    Hear me out ….
    I never intended to chase her or develop a love interest with her when we went out for the first time witch was more of a hey im going to this thing and she was like omg cool i want to go to .. so i was like yeah cool come !!

    so she did and we had a really good time .. well she decided that we should do this other thing the next day was a cool activity again nothing romantic but somthing we were both interested in so we booked it in for a few weeks time and went about our usual business with small chit chat joking and all the other normal banter because as i said there was no intent her for a date or anything she has a boyfriend..

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    January 5, 2016 at 12:34 am #90991

    anyways we went to this activity and ended up drinking that night got fairly drunk ( not sideways we both knew what was up) and she unexpectedly wanted to stay the night and i said sure thats fine ill take the couch and she was like nah its cool lets watch a movie … so we were both in my bed watching a movie and she starts cuddling me and i cuddled her back … NOTHING HAPPEND i didnt push the matter but i was trying to feel if she wanted it and all of that … so the next day we had breakfast watched a movie and we lined up another drinking sesh the same night …

    again she stayed over cuddled nothing more

    this has happend another time since and i said to her in the morning that i am starting to really like her and she simply smiled and put her head in the pillow and we havnt spoken about whats happend .. our feelings toward one another or anything,

    i dont want to press the matter because i really dont want to make her feel awkward of presure her into anything , plz help!!