Does she want to meet me again?


Does she want to meet me again?

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    June 11, 2018 at 5:55 pm #176745
    Does she want to meet me again?

    So the other day I dated this girl, we had a beer and shortly after we went to her hotel and I stayed the night. (Yes, we slept together)
    I had to leave early the day after, and she was still asleep, so I just left.
    I texted her and thanked her for last night, and then she replied basically saying the same. Then she double texted me and said she hoped my day wasn’t too bad even with just a little sleep. I responded, and hoped her day was fine. Then se wrote “Next time you’ll have to stay!”, and then I answered “Text me when you’re in town again” (She’s from another city). Then she answered “I will :*”

    We haven’t talked since, but she followed me on instagram and liked my recent post, as well as an old picture.

    Can I relax? Is this a good sign she liked me and will text me? Also; is it weird if I like all of her new instagram posts (she’s very active and posts 3 pics a day)?

    June 16, 2018 at 1:51 pm #177221

    Relax! And by that I mean go on with living your life. Don’t get hung up on her.

    Hooking up with someone from out of town rarely turns into anything “special”.
    Just enjoy it for what it was. If she comes back to town or (you) go to her town maybe you will hookup again.
    Ultimately you don’t to try to force anything. She may already be in a relationship for all you know.

    Secondly texting and talking are two different things.
    We text people we don’t want to talk to.

    These days people give each other too much credit for a line or two of text.
    Having a conversation allows you hear their tonality, gage their enthusiasm, and so on.

    Have you ever texted someone and used “lol” but you really weren’t laughing out loud?
    I would also stop “liking” everything she posts on Instagram.
    Not only may it make her feel you’ might be “clingy” but her other friends may notice or suspect something is going on.
    Right now it’s only a one night stand.