Don't understand what's going on, need advice and insight!!!


Don't understand what's going on, need advice and insight!!!

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    April 22, 2017 at 11:47 am #134073
    Don't understand what's going on, need advice and insight!!!

    Ok, so I’m dating and living with my girlfriend. There is a lot to say, so I’m going to do it in cliffs instead of a long paragraph.

    -Living together
    -She puts her friends before me
    -Puts her job before me
    -Rarely spends any real time with me
    -Gets snippy with me over the littlest things
    -Constantly berates me over little things
    -Doesn’t like to talk to me when together
    -Will only give me little pecs on the lips unless she has been drinking a lot
    -Says I get to touchy feely in public like last night at the bar
    -We have not had sex in a month and rarely have sex anymore
    -First two weeks we had sex a lot
    -She leaves for work immediately after getting up
    -Comes home and usually goes straight to bed
    -Stays out late on a regular basis blaming it on work
    -Goes to clean this guy who she has slept with in the past’s house once a month because we need the money
    -Lives with me but doesn’t help pay the bills (still has her own place and is taking her time getting out of the lease)