Emotional Intimacy/Relationship Insecurities


Emotional Intimacy/Relationship Insecurities

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    April 6, 2016 at 1:59 am #97155
    Emotional Intimacy/Relationship Insecurities

    I am a young college guy and I am a pretty confident person. I have been dating a wonderful girl for about 4 months and just recently we became a committed couple. I feel very deeply for this girl but I am confused and vaguely hurt, I am not sure why and I am wondering how I can fix this. I love her personality and I don’t want to change anything about her but I want to know how to protect myself. My girlfriend is very sweet but she is quiet and inexpressive. She does not text first, she has never organized a date, and she is extremely quiet and shy unless I start talking to her. Sometimes she doesn’t seem very interested and I am just not sure why, because other times she seems like she is fairly interested. She also takes many hours to respond. This makes me doubt weather she likes me or not and what I should do? Should I act like nothing is wrong and just toughen up or should I talk to her?

    May 9, 2016 at 9:04 am #99931

    One this I did when I wanted advice for how to talk to a guy you like is look up articles on it, as stupid as that sounds. A lot of the articles I found said to wait a while to text him back so he wants your answer that much more. I consider myself a shy girl and don’t know much about being in a relationship, maybe your girlfriend feels the same. There are so many possible reasons why she acts this way. She could be really busy or have problems at home. Maybe she just needs to gain a little confidence in herself and your relationship. You could try doing something spontaneous like showing up at her house with flowers on a random, non-valentines day, day.