Feeling so unwanted by women… like I'm just not enough… Just a phase?


Feeling so unwanted by women… like I'm just not enough… Just a phase?

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    David C.
    David C.
    June 15, 2017 at 9:01 pm #139638
    Feeling so unwanted by women… like I'm just not enough… Just a phase?

    I’m 33, and I’m where I want to be financially, finally.

    On the opposite end, my romantic life is in the dumps. My wife, a a self-centered, immature, narcissist left me (we have a child together), because she “didn’t feel the same”. Was I perfect ? No, but I tried hard, was a good man, loyal, loved her, did everything for her. I’m not dummy, and consider myself interesting, dress well, take care of myself, etc. I tried my best.

    But my best wasn’t good enough… made me feel so low.

    Since then, things have not gotten better. I’ve gotten numbers, and the numbers turn into nothing, even being blocked. Several that ignore me.

    However, just this Sunday I went on a date with a beautiful girl. The chemistry was there, we ended up dancing, kissing, and everything. Next day we texted back and forth… over course of week, less and less communication (mostly on her end).. today she’s ignored me.

    Is this feeling that I’m not enough just a phase? Will it pass? Please tell me so… thanks

    June 15, 2017 at 10:46 pm #139639

    You just keep doing what you are doing dress well keep your fingernails trim take showers all the time and be financially fit and they will come to you. Women are attracted to a guy that is well groomed that means you know how to take care of yourself. You are only approaching women that are not in your class.You need to go to a ritzy nightclub, just a nightclub that has classy women. There was a nightclub on the East side of Milwaukee and the girls were dressed formal and they were cute and a lot of dancing. Please go for the best you deserve it