First Date Hook-up Hotness Turned 86 Weirdness


First Date Hook-up Hotness Turned 86 Weirdness

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    February 20, 2013 at 4:44 pm #23252
    First Date Hook-up Hotness Turned 86 Weirdness

    i went on my first internet date in ages last night — to some pretty hilarious results. first, she was actually better looking than her photos, which is a rare find. then we had a good time talking (a couple drinks over a couple hours) and i asked if she wanted to go someplace else. she lived nearby, so we head back to her place. we kissed once outside the bar en route, but it was cold, so we didnt really linger. at her place, she pours us both a drink, shows me a photo of Peewee Herman posing next to Dolly Parton, which obviously raises her even higher in my esteem. then she suddenly asks me to leave. booze still on the counter. no one has had a drop. i’ve been in her apartment for all of 3 minutes. now, i’m three whiskeys in (which is a fair amount for me), so god knows what i might have said. I’m surprised that things took this sudden turn, so i ask if i offended her or said something. she says, look, i’d totally go out with you again, but you have to leave now. she was stern and apparently angry. on my walk to the train, i text her about the weirdness of the outro, and she writes back ”Yeah. Whoops. I liked kissing you, but i couldn’t tell if you were into me or sizing me up for your new woman suit.”
    So questions
    A: is she hilarious or nuts?
    B: if A = hilarious, how to proceed? text ASAP, wait a few days, stand outside her apartment in a ski-mask and yell “SURPRISE! ITS OUR SECOND DATE!!”
    C: if the response is meant to be funny. anyone have a text response better than “baby, don’t make me choose!”