Girl canceling a date


Girl canceling a date

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    January 27, 2017 at 5:05 pm #124814
    Girl canceling a date

    Hi, there is a girl who was looking at me every time she passed by, later she started smiling and i did the same, she sometimes said something short while passing by and few days later we got into a conversation, i asked her for her number and told her that i would like to take her out at day X, she agreed. After i texted her if shes fine with the time, she replied after 10 hours that she won’t be in the city during that day but that sometimes next week it might work. So i wrote her to write me when she has time so i don’t have to cancel the plans again.(mistake?)

    First off, i don’t understand why is she taking so long to reply, from what i’ve seen(her approaching me for a small talk several times, smiling and touching me) i think shes interested but since i never was in a relationship before(im 23) i don’t know how to react now. I have no experience with dating games so i don’t know if she is testing me and how should i react if we meet each other while she still didn’t reply back

    January 27, 2017 at 6:13 pm #124819

    yeah.. mistake. females (right or wrong) are not to keen on having to do the work to setup a date early on. this irks me tons – but hey.. if you want to date you got to do some stuff as a guy i guess. or you can move on and rebel against such female “privilege” lol.

    small talk is not a committment of interest. its just small talk. so don’t “overvalue” small talk as being something.. it isn’t.

    instead of “wanna go out?” as an open offer. come up with something interesting and specific and instead talk about this fun thing you found, how fun it would be to go.. youre thinking about going… then after building it up.. “so you want to join me?” or “hey.. how about you join me. it’l be fun?” this works much better and tells you more quickly where she is at with her interest in you.

    “Make it the path of least resistance and people will have no choice but to follow.”

    Make your date invitations (too good to pass up) and they will have no recourse but to say ‘yes’.

    January 28, 2017 at 12:37 pm #124852

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