girl im dating is wanting to take a break from sex


girl im dating is wanting to take a break from sex

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    November 27, 2016 at 4:48 am #118174
    girl im dating is wanting to take a break from sex

    -got a SSRI, caused issues getting hard and didnt know
    -first 2 times i was drunk and assumed whiskey dick. got cialis from doc after 3rd.
    -she freaked out 3rd time and said sex doesnt work for us.
    – i told her i was just nervous as i like her
    -she said well then dont like me. then i told her about the ssri and cialis
    -she said im over thinking things, everything is good.
    -she is sending me love notes daily at point. ask to be my gf. is model gf.
    -next time , she said sex doesnt work for us. no sex for months. she didnt even touch me to see that i was super hard(cialis)
    – i ask if she wanted to be just friends.. she freaked out and got offended. then offered to try sex. i said no, as i was upset, left.
    -i feel she doesnt want to have sex with me as i told her about cialis and was hard today and she stuck to no sex for months and she is using this as her out of sex, while still having me take her out on dates/give her attention. Thoughts?

    November 27, 2016 at 5:03 am #118175

    but basicaly today i was super hard on cialis, she didnt even look at me . said im not hard. and went on a rant about how we need to wait a few months for sex since i cant get hard for her.

    She refused to acknowledge cialis r until i asked if she wanted to be friends. then she offered sex. later, she went straight abck into saying no sex for months, sex isnt a big deal, she really likes me adn im just being a baby. replied back with “k” when i s ent her a long message explaining cialis issue a 3rd time. she asked like 3 times during this convo if i still wanted to be her boyfriend.

    I feel like she doesnt want to have sex with me and is using this as a cop out as it makes no sense to wait months since “im too nervous to get hard” when i told her about starting cialis. Ive lost the interest to have sex with her as im nervous she will just snap again,s ay it doesnt work, its my fault, and no sex for months. I am tempted to move on. overreacting?

    The Bear
    The Bear
    November 27, 2016 at 6:17 pm #118186

    Do you enjoy this girl’s company? Sex is an unpredictable thing and cannot be controlled really. You might be dealing with someone who has more issues about it than you. Best to focus on having a good time. The sex will either happen or it won’t. The minute you don;t care about sex, women want it.