Girl is distant after rebound date/sex. Thoughts please?


Girl is distant after rebound date/sex. Thoughts please?

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    July 2, 2017 at 11:40 pm #141237
    Girl is distant after rebound date/sex. Thoughts please?

    A girl acquaintance Ive known for 2 years was at the bar, we chatted and after a few drinks I proceeded to touch her and kissed her, she enjoyed it. Her ex happened to be there on time to see it, and he got pissed. They left together, but she eventually said goodbye to him. She says I helped her get him out of her life, though admits that shes still hungup on him. We had fun great chat online and she says she misses being in a relationship. She asks me to hangout the weekend. We hung out friday, no sex due to no condoms. Just makeouts. She asks to hang out again EAGERLY next day, we had sex but it was not pleasant due to distractions, and adjusting. But i was able to please her a little. Next day before i left, she was very irritable and did not contact me at all. She poss a meme on facebook mocking easing back into dating: a video of a man falling over. I had to reinitiate chat later, but she is now distant. 4 days later after I asked whats up, she says to keep this at ‘friend level.’