Girlfriend with Chronic health problem..HELP!!


Girlfriend with Chronic health problem..HELP!!

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    September 12, 2017 at 1:42 pm #148787
    Girlfriend with Chronic health problem..HELP!!

    After 6 months of dating my gf revealed to me that she is a life long carrier of hepatitis b. At the moment it is inactive (but the virus is such that it may or may not get active in the future and therefore she needs yearly check ups for the rest of her life to monitor it). She got it from her mother at birth. My worry is that she told me after 6 whole months of dating after im 100% emotionally vested and im deeply in love and i was committed to her. Had i known earlier maybe i could have had a clearer chain of thought.

    She has hid it for 6 months and when she went for her check up 2 months into our relationship, she told me she was going for her parents general health check ups.

    I DONT EXPECT HER TO TELL ME ON THE FIRST DATE, and i know its very hard to tell but she told me after 6 whole months..


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    September 14, 2017 at 2:28 pm #149050

    It sounds like she was ashamed/embarrassed to tell you because Hepatitis can be transmitted sexually. She probably Worried you might look down on her for having an std or stop seeing her in fear of it. I feel like it was disrespectful to not have told you earlier (especially before certain sex acts happen/ed).

    But if you look at it from her side
    -She didnt choose to have this issue and SAYS she didnt get it from being sexually irresponsible
    -She likes this new cute guy and wants the relationship to work out
    -She deserves love, happiness and a partner
    -She doesn’t want to disease to take over her life
    -She probably trys to not think about it unless there is an issue or time for a checkup

    My opinion
    If you really love her, feel she is special and see long term potential id stick with it. but i wouldn’t make any commitments anytime soon, more things/ secrets may surface. if she hid this from you she probably hid/omitted other things as well.