Girls says she likes/loves me. How can I tell


Girls says she likes/loves me. How can I tell

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    March 16, 2013 at 1:06 pm #26028
    Girls says she likes/loves me. How can I tell

    how can you tell if a girl really likes you, really loves you and has feelings for you. i met this girl and we went out 10xs and she tells me this. im not the most experience guy when it comes to dating too and im in my early 30s

    how can you tell other than just believing her. i say this since i also notice her stories dont match up, lot of silences and pauses when i ask her a quesitons, and stories dont add up or later ask again and its a different answer,says she goes counsellor at 6 and then doesnt bother to meet me after on a friday since we always meet up on fridays. how long can a counselling session be 1 hr tops.

    pros-she texts me a lot and say she misses me and thinks about me . she says she loves me , says im the best bf, pretty inlove wiht me ……

    any way you can tell a girl really likes or loves you other than just believing what you hear

    im thinking of not paying for meals-50/50 and just meeting up at a coffeeshop instead of drving her and picking her up. if she still sees me then i know its real


    she hold my arms and hold very tight as we are couple though

    also one date she says she likes me and enjoys time and has feeling with me, other time she loves me and another time im ok and bearable. so its like wishy washy answers.

    March 16, 2013 at 2:51 pm #26029

    That’s a tough question and there’s really no simple answer. I guess the short answer is that if you’re not good at reading people and situations then you pretty much just have to take their word for it. I will say this though, its fairly unusual for a girl to say she’s in love with a guy when she doesn’t really mean it. That’s much more of a guy thing because, unlike women, we are primarily motivated by our hormones. Women are on the other hand are usually motivated by genuine emotions. However there are a few out there who’s primary motivation is money or power or both. I’m talking of course about gold diggers and women who use their sexuality to gain power. You don’t have to look far in today’s society to see numerous examples of gold digging women. And throughout history there are many examples of women who gained great power by way of their sexuality. In fact I know of at least one example of a concubine who eventually came to rule what is now the most populous nation on earth. Of course even if you are a guy with no real money or power you are still not completely immune to these types. There are some girls out there who date guys simply to get their dinners and other activities paid for or to have a free place to live – what you might call minor league gold diggers. And if the guy is really stupid they don’t even have to have sex with him. They just keep stringing him along forever with the hope that he might actually get his hands on her someday.
    In any case I seriously doubt that you are with one of these types of girls. But if some things just aren’t adding up, as you said, then she is probably hiding something from you. And whether that something is another guy, or guys, is hard to say without actually being in your shoes. I guess I’m lucky because I always know when someone is lying to me or when they are just pretending to like me to get something. If you don’t have those skills though it’s really just a guessing game and you have to take tings on faith. You do need to make sure its not just about the money though by possibly cutting back on what you spend on her. If a girl really likes you she won’t mind just hanging out with you and doing things that don’t cost money. Also you need to keep trying to trip her up and catch her in any possible lies.
    Anyway I hope everything works out for you in the long run.