Going on first date. Questions about family problems.


Going on first date. Questions about family problems.

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    Going on first date. Questions about family problems.


    Ive been talking to a girl for some time. Esp. on snapchat. Met her on tinder. She is real cute and seems like a good person. She is always the one reaching out and seems very interested.

    We’re living a few hours apart so really the only way is to go down there in weekends. We have been talking alot and seem to have a good connection. I am going there tomorrow and we are going for a hike in the mountains. (her idea).

    I am feeling a bit nervous but my main issue is I am afraid she will ask me about my past or family. I have a fucked up family with alcohol issues and psychological issues. My father died 2 years ago of alcohol abuse and my mom is gping down the same road. I ave good relationship with my sister. But thats about it.

    I dont want to unload any of my past onto her but how do I get around this is she starts askingf about my family etc?

    I dealt with alot of shit that lots of people couldnt imagine. But I dont want this to be part of any convo. You have any good advice?

    May 17, 2019 at 7:32 pm #200643

    The person asking the questions controls the conversation.
    You can be (the one) controlling the conversation by taking an interest in her.

    It should be no secret that the best way to have a “second date” is for both people to (enjoy) the first date!
    First date questions should be “ice breakers” and encourage the other person to relax.
    A good first date should contain flirtatious playful banter, smiles, and laughs followed by a good-bye kiss.

    Questions you might ask:
    What do you enjoy doing for fun? If you could visit any place in the world where would you like to go?
    What is your favorite type of food? Who is your all-time favorite singer/band?
    What is the funniest thing you ever heard or saw?
    If you had it to do over again what career would you pursue?

    At this point it’s not as if either of you should be considering marriage. It’s just a date!
    If she insists upon asking you about your family tell her it’s a work in progress and you want to focus on knowing her.