Had an amazing night, and she texts me she has a boyfriend.


Had an amazing night, and she texts me she has a boyfriend.

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    October 10, 2017 at 2:11 pm #152208
    Had an amazing night, and she texts me she has a boyfriend.

    This weekend, I was out at a bar with a friend and I had one of our customers over to work out a deal. Once we got all the business out of the way, we started having fun and these girls having a baccalaureate party came over to us and asked if any of us had piercings. I joined in the fun and joked that our customer did, and we had some fun with them. One of the girls came over to me and asked me to serenade her. I told her I would but I didn’t have my guitar. We hung out all night with those girls, and me especially with this one girl. We moved to different bars, and then the two of us ditched everyone and went out on our own. We connected really well and she was all over me, physically and in conversation.

    We went to their hotel and this girl asked me to get in bed with her, and we cuddled and almost made out when my friend came in and said we had to leave and dragged me out. The girl gave me her number and grabbed my hand asking me not to leave – but I did as I had to get my friend

    October 10, 2017 at 2:16 pm #152211


    back as he was very drunk.

    Two days later, I texted the girl saying that I had a great time and that I would love to hang out with her again. She waited the whole day and at 2 AM, she replied that it was great to meet me but that she had a boyfriend. She apologized for not telling me the other night. She said I’m a great guy and I’ll find a great girl.

    So, at the bar when we were talking, she mentioned a recent ex-boyfriend and I mentioned my recent ex-girlfriend. She didn’t mention at all that she was seeing anyone and when I was in bed with her right before I had to leave, she said she wanted to hang out again when we got back. Btw, we’re both from the same city but I went up to a different town 2 hours away for the business deal and the baccalaureate party happened to be there.

    I really connected with this girl, and I really want to pursue her (if she really doesn’t have a boyfriend) and it seemed like she felt the same way that night. I’m not sure what to do!