Heading for 3rd date, not sure where I stand though. Help :)


Heading for 3rd date, not sure where I stand though. Help :)

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    July 14, 2016 at 2:42 am #105169
    Heading for 3rd date, not sure where I stand though. Help :)

    Met her on volunteers program late January, saw her once a week & became friends (flirted every shift), program ended late April. She is 19 & I am 22.

    Went on 1st date early May, was great. By the end she asked for hug & made plans for 2nd date. 2 days after 1st date I texted to confirm 2nd date. I knew she was out of town, but she saw my message & did not reply until the day of the date that she couldnt go. Decided to not message as I did not wanted to seem pushy & if she were interested she would eventually write. 3 weeks later she wrote, we talked everyday for a week, we had a 2nd date. I picked her up, went to a restaurant. She had great time (no hand holding) & we ignored the miscommunication after our 1st date. Drove her home, she asked for hug (sigh), then said she be away with family for a month. We text regularly, she will be back soon & 3rd date is happening. But our dates are so apart that I don’t feel progress toward a relationship. How should I handle the 3rd date?

    July 15, 2016 at 4:46 pm #105405

    You should handle the 3rd date just like a 3rd date. The circumstances are what they are….you can’t change anything, so your best bet is to just accept what it is for right now and enjoy the 3rd date when it comes about. The important part, which it sounds like you are doing, is that you are staying connected….talking, texting and building a good foundation. Being friends is the most important part of a relationship. Get to know her, be there for her, flirt and have some fun!!!! It’s great when a relationship develops slower! It forces more non sexual bonding to occur which can really strengthen the relationship!!! If you feel comfortable kissing her on the 3rd date, I always suggest to ask permission. It doesn’t have to be a verbal “may I kiss you” kind of thing if you are uncomfortable with that. It can be you leaning in most of the way, but waiting for her to decide to meet you there. That way you know you are not forcing anything and she is probably interested as well.

    July 16, 2016 at 7:06 am #105445

    Yeah, why does it sometimes get more difficult when it drags out like this. It’s like the memory of a good date fades.