Help! Does he fancy me? And what should I do/say next?


Help! Does he fancy me? And what should I do/say next?

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    December 27, 2017 at 6:17 am #161039
    Help! Does he fancy me? And what should I do/say next?

    Saw tribute act of famous singer 3 times (call him G). 1st time my bday in 2015 2nd my bday in 2016 (wished me a happy bday on stage) & last week. Mon night tweeted him can’t wait to see you & selfies with him. G gave me lots of attention at gig sang to me loads took my camera turned it round to film me, being flirty and fun. G also said “I’m giving you too much attention”. I wasn’t phased cos tributes are outgoing. After gig G walked past me squeezed my arm before going to long line of women waiting. My mate & I waited. When it was my turn G held out his arms to hug him as we hugged G went straight for my lips, I swerved to kiss my cheek. G said “You’re not gonna kiss me?” Took photos talked went to hug me again & whispered “Why won’t you kiss me?” My reply “Don’t be a naughty boy.” What do you think? Does G fancy me? What do I do/say next time? I wanna see him again cos he’s amazing but don’t want to be awkward. I’m intrigued want to see if there’s a spark. Don’t know how to proceed!