Help, I don't know what the next move is


Help, I don't know what the next move is

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    September 14, 2016 at 6:18 pm #111450
    Help, I don't know what the next move is

    So, I know this girl who was super close with my sister (Not anymore) I used to like her A LOT. Never actually asked her out (we were not even close to the point that would call each other friends). I didn’t see the girl for 2 years, I joined a gym 2 months ago and I saw her there. She actually came up and said hi and stuff. about 2 weeks ago we started talking and hanging out in the gym and as we were joking around we made a bet. The bet was that I could lose more body fat (in percentage) than her, she was totally into it and asked what does the winner get? I didn’t hesitate to say we’d go out and the loser pay for dinner! She agreed and was so excited at the time. The time span that we agreed upon is one month (That’s one LONG wait). But ever since, she started acting a bit cold when I see her. Unlike the first few times we hung out..I don’t wanna seem clingy and boring (In other words desperate). Should I just wait and not approach her every time I see her? I just want it to work