Help! I’m in love with an older man!


Help! I’m in love with an older man!

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    June 29, 2020 at 1:37 pm #235199
    Help! I’m in love with an older man!

    Hey everyone… So basically I’m having the best but worst time of my life right now! Here is the quickest I can explain my situation…
    So I’m 27 and I have got to this age without ever wanting to get married nor have I ever had a maternal bone in my body. I had even split up with my ex of six years as he wanted these things but I didn’t. So fast forward a year and I meet this man who is fifty years old. At first I thought I just had abit of a silly crush so we agreed to meet at a hotel to get it out of my system and I could move on. HOW WRONG WAS I! A year on, I’m so madly, deeply and insanely in love that me who has always had a cold heart can’t actually believe I feel this way! It’s like every romantic film and song has come to life for me and I’m just so happy. I’m that happy with this man who treats me like a princess that I now want children and to get married, to him! Someone who is much older, who has already had these things!!… will continue on next post….

    June 29, 2020 at 1:44 pm #235200

    He has had all these things with another woman, something that upsets me because I want all of these things with him. I get we all have pasts and exe’s but to want your whole life with one man who has already has had his life with another woman is heart breaking. Plus the age thing is just so hard, how can I think or want to have a baby or marry someone who is almost twice my age? If we was to get pregnant now, he would be 70 on the babies 18th birthday. Or imagine that I still have a mortgage to pay and a child to pay for and he is retired with not a good pension???
    I’m just really struggling cause I love him so much and I’ve never felt like this before… it’s like the more I fall in love with him the more my heart is breaking because there is not much of a real future with him. It is honestly the greatest feeling in the world but at the same time the most pain I’ve ever felt. I know no one can offer me a time machine but if anyone has any advice that would be amazing. Thank you.

    June 30, 2020 at 9:20 pm #235219

    “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom

    You’ve been with this for only one year and you’re already speculating about being with him at age 70.
    Truth be told the divorce rate is close to 50% and the vast majority of people one has relationships with fails.

    Just enjoy the happiness you have right now without projecting any negative thoughts to sabotage things.
    Imagine not getting married or having children and just the two you traveling around the world living life to the fullest.
    There are worse things that could happen!

    Sometimes a “sudden desire” to marry and have children is the result of having fear of abandonment issues.
    When it’s all said and done marriage is just a legal license that entitles one to benefits and split assets should the marriage end. Only you know why after all these yeas of never wanting marriage you suddenly do.
    You also didn’t mention what HE wants. I imagine if he were “all in” you wouldn’t have posted this question.
    All marriages will have their challenges but at the very least they should start off with both people wanting to get married.

    Best wishes!