Help me! Does he want a relationship with me?


Help me! Does he want a relationship with me?

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    April 26, 2017 at 2:03 am #134410
    Help me! Does he want a relationship with me?

    Met a guy on dating app, and we have been calling/txting for over 8 months. He lives 45 min away. and because I am old school and 55, and recently divorced,new to all this dating/online, I just agreed to start in person /dating him, a month ago. He txts me daily and calls every week or so. Says he was on the dating app cuz he wants relationship. says I am hot, smart,. Call me sweetie, baby. I am used to diving right in, and spending lots oftime with my chosen man, but since, I am now clueless, and new to all this(was married over 20 years) I am playing it cool, not being needy. As a result, we have only been seeing each other every saturday. We have fun, great time when we see each other. He is divorced about 2 years(his wife cheated on him). From a few remarks he had made to me( txted me one saturday and when i didnt respond immediatley, asked R u on a date?) and asked if i was seeing anyone else. I feel like he wants to be exclusive. but he has not said it, does he?