Help! Their Profile Views are driving me Crazy!


Help! Their Profile Views are driving me Crazy!

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    November 6, 2018 at 8:35 pm #188893
    Help! Their Profile Views are driving me Crazy!

    I have been sending quite a few short and cute chat messages about every 2 days to about 8-10 woman on a regular basis requesting their name and asking them for a short chat. They have not responded back to me; even though they view my profile about every 2 hours or so. They especially do so shortly after I am online; and then we keep viewing each other’s profile every couple of minutes or so it seems. (I guess by doing this we are saying a quick Hello to each other; otherwise I assume these women would not be doing this unless if they were still interested in me.)
    What is driving me crazy is trying to come up with the so called magic words that will make these women to respond back to me. I have even tried in a funny way asking them if they have been kidnapped for the reason why they have not responded back to me. I’m a little bit old fashioned in the sense that I don’t like to ask her for a date unless if I have her full name and phone number in advance. Any suggestions?

    November 8, 2018 at 1:12 pm #189040

    Forget about asking for dates and asking them for their real name at this time.
    Everyone has their own mate selection/screening process and “must haves list”.
    Online daters especially women usually choose to remain anonymous until (they feel comfortable) with someone.
    Be satisfied with having brief conversations through the online dating portal and instant messaging.

    Even with that after you’ve given it a couple of attempts to start a conversation consider it a rejection and move on.

    My guess is your comments are enough to entice them to check out your profile.
    There must be something about your profile or your photos that is not clicking with these women.

    You may also want to reconsider the site you are using. Click on reviews tab at the top of this site.
    They provide lots of data regarding various dating sites along with the ratio of men to women.
    Niche sites that target age groups, race, religion, Meetup dot com for hobbies/interests is another possibility.