Hes giving mixed signals – help


Hes giving mixed signals – help

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    June 7, 2017 at 9:14 am #138683
    Hes giving mixed signals – help

    Guy I’ve been dating a month was super keen on me when he asked who i lived with i told truth my ex husband… seperated 6 years he said was odd. After that he backed off. Told him im looking at moving his attitude changed he sent me flatmate adds and wanted me to move to his side of town but wouldn’t meet me for a drink but kept inviting me to his bed. 3rd date at his house we made lots of effort we had a romantic night he said that he looks for neg in people early to protect himself and if can’t find neg makes him step back. We had sex that night next day after i left he texted saying had great time, 2 days later he text again asking how my weekend was i said great having few wines and a spa he said oh nice for some back to no contact for 3 days i text him last night just general nice text saying hey how was ur day he read it immediately and no response- he’s been posting on fb etc now i dont know what to do part of me thinks he was after sex but then why text me sat

    June 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm #138918

    He is clearly after sex Trust me I know this, apparently you was too good in bed and by all means, I am pretty sure he just wants to get you in bed again but I do not recommend you live with your ex-husband that will draw a red flag. The best way to handle that is to find a guy that wants you for who you are and not someone that wants you for your body. Just be careful