High School Sweetheart rekindle after 11 years


High School Sweetheart rekindle after 11 years

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    July 1, 2013 at 9:25 pm #34612
    High School Sweetheart rekindle after 11 years

    Hello all,

    A week ago, my high school sweetheart reached out to me and we spent a majority of last week chatting back and forth via Facebook. We got together Saturday for a baseball game and some drinks and ended up talking till 3am in the morning. I crashed on her couch, woke up the next morning, we talked some more, then left. As I left, we embraced in a hug that lasted way longer than a friendly hug.

    Some highlights:
    –I am recently divorced, May 2012. Relationship lasted 6 years.
    –She ended an Engagement in Nov 2010. Relationship was 8 years.
    –We have both dated and sexed other people in between all of our relationships.
    –We dated 5 years in and after highschool. Her father ended our relationship at the time due to the fact that we were fighting a lot. Hormones, different colleges, etc.
    –She is currently in a 4 week relationship and hinted many times during our evening that she is not serious about it.

    My question. I am trying to figure out how to proceed. There were definite sparks in the time we spent together. We continue to chat on a nightly, if not hourly basis.

    We haven’t made plans to get together again, should I just focus on friendship and wait for her to bring up something more? Or toss her an idea that I am interested and let her make the decision?

    Thank you for your time. Best of luck to everyone out there!