Hope someone can provide things or two for dating life


Hope someone can provide things or two for dating life

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    October 6, 2013 at 6:20 pm #40680
    Hope someone can provide things or two for dating life

    I would start with little bit about me : I am from India.. 28 yrs old. I work in US. I have degree in engineering ( I was topper almost always ) and I think I am okay with current job though its not ultra-happy kind.
    I have been going bald since age 16 and this severely affected my confidence. However , I always ignored criticism for looks and kept studying hard , very hard. I used to read 700 page books in 5-6 days and could remember most of it. Because of extreme stress , my hair loss increased and now I have hair on side and partly on back of head. When people used to make fun of me I used to get very angry and respond sharply. This resulted in social isolation. I have no close friends at all ! but have many from work place however they don’t hangout with me.
    This also affected my social life in terms of dating. I have no girlfriend ( honestly , I didn’t try until 25 !!) I wanted to come to US , see and study people and see other side of world.
    Because of this isolation now its extreme difficult though not impossible to go to night clubs, get girlfriend ! I like girls ( white, black , american indian etc ). I could easily see that charisma or vibe carried out by males in US is simply not in me.

    What I did : I had gained few extra but since last one year have lost 20 pounds in last 12 months. Saw lot of motivation video. Got new job and got away from people who were constantly demoralizing me. Now I am preparing for 5K race. I have started believing that I am good person , an awesome individual. Still, when I see other girls with guys it hurts me and then couple try to kiss in front me and it hurts me more that I am missing it.

    What happened yesterday and how I escaped death : I went to night club in boston just my myself. Talked with couple of girls out of which only 2 said “Hi..” and one said “I gotta go….” ( I bet she was hooker..I wasn’t looking for sex though ) Still ???

    On my way home I was thinking what is wrong with me ? Many factors in childhood I could not control but why girls would give this attitude to me ? Are looks everything now a days ? Although I don’t have confidence of perfect 9-10 , I would say I have 5-6 to at least say “Hi”
    It was raining in Mass. yesterday and I was going at 55 – 60 mph. I hit break unknowingly. My car made very sharp and fast 360 turn twice. I thought I am dying now and everything is over ! Fortunately, neither my car hit curb nor overturn ! and I escaped it !

    Question :

    What am I supposed to do to get girls like me ? I saw lot of PUA videos and how to talk and engage ? But, I see girls not interested in me first place itself.
    What you think chance I have to get girlfriend in america ? Mind you I am from India and brown skin, that turns off many people in first place and then I have lost hair as well ( though I keep it short ) I don’t want to get married traditional indian way where you spend life with someone you even dont know in first place. Kindly suggest !!