How can I win her?


How can I win her?

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    May 31, 2018 at 7:27 am #175716
    How can I win her?


    First time posting. I’m a 20 year old uni student. I’ve been friends with this girl for around 2 years or so now. We had our highs and lows and we always found comfort in each other however just as friends. She is bi, which I don’t mind at all. Anyway we met each other at an old work place and when both of us decided to stop, we remained friends and started hanging out together JUST AS FRIENDS, hence I was friendzoned.
    That said, a few months ago due to various reasons we stopped hanging out, mostly cause of our busy schedules etc. But we still texted on a daily basis. A month or so ago, I decided to stop texting and our contact diminished. About 2 weeks ago she texted me to see how I’m doing etc and I replied etc and a few days alter I messaged her to see how she was doing since I had just found out (via instagram) that she had just broken her foot. I asked how she was doing etc and suggested to meet up, which she was all in and suggested certain dates.

    May 31, 2018 at 7:34 am #175717

    But due to some circumstances, we had to cancel. Anyway that said, I was reading a book on how theres a chance of ”winning” her which made kinda sense to me. Mostly because

    Black Phase: ”You must go totally “off her radar” for a period of time to “reset” her emotions (which I did after we stopped texting, mainly I think it never worked out since I was too nice to begin with.

    Blue Phase: You must confuse her perception of you through “pattern interrupts” (which I think I did since when we started to talk a little I reply late rather than I used to, being vague, together with other things.
    Orange Phase—You must bait her interest and attention by using tension and “unresolved sentiment” (which I’m currently in)
    My last message to her was ”I was reading an article and it reminded me of you. How’s your foot?”
    Her reply was ”What did you read then? My foot is ok.”
    Now according to the author he suggest to leave her hanging which I intend to do but I don’t know what my next step is.

    June 2, 2018 at 5:35 pm #175966

    great book, what the name? anyways if you want to win her, set up another date, actually see her and bring her a single red rose, gift are nice but nothing to big, that why a single red rose is great, what you need to do is now take the plunge which I guess you know, you can’t play cool cat on the fence forever, it just does not work.

    so from here a rose is great, meet her, and be yourself, also being teasing and funny is a great advantage for women, say something stupid and funny like “hey why don’t we go out and play soccer”, she will most likely give you the crazy look, then say, “oh sorry I mean’t watch it on tv” and laugh, she will understand your teasing.