How fickle are we? Or am I reading things wrong?


How fickle are we? Or am I reading things wrong?

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    October 8, 2015 at 8:12 pm #86730
    How fickle are we? Or am I reading things wrong?

    This is less of a relationship advice, and more of trying to understand (in a honest way) what do men really think. After many years of committed relationship, in the past three years, I have had many (Too many) dates. I can understand that this makes me experience a bit harder to gauge, but here’s my question. How is it that some men can spend a whole weekend in bed, eating out, drinking, watching the match, have sex etc (repeat) with a woman, seem like they are enjoying the time spent, and then never call back.

    Now these may not be men who are interested in relationships, but if they seemed to enjoy the time spent doing fun stuff, wouldn’t they be inclined to do it again?

    For instance the last one stumped me. He seemed to want me at his place, kept insisting I stay longer and stay in bed and watch movie, dropped me home, and then nothing. (I messaged, yes – he deliberately did not reply, so I copped on). So how does that work?

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