How should I approach an older woman with a relationship?


How should I approach an older woman with a relationship?

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    September 11, 2017 at 4:08 am #148687
    How should I approach an older woman with a relationship?

    Hi everyone, my first post here

    I am 27 male and 28 at the end of January.
    I am a loner, traveller and very adamantly spiritual.
    I would seem much older than my age.

    I met someone a few years ago who is today 22 and I partially helped him through his heavy drug addictions.
    I moved away and after returning several years later, I met with him again and helped him to sober up completely.

    I had felt for some time that I should be with an older woman in any next relationship
    then, I was introduced to his mother, who will turn 45 in December.

    She has been married and has 3 children, who are 19, 22 and 25.

    I have been distant with my attraction for her because of the age and her children.
    but her and I are hip to hip, sparks flying, major things in common
    I feel very comfortable near her and we are both always finding an excuse to be near each other.

    My friend told me that his mother liked me and later he told me how he knew that I liked her.

    September 11, 2017 at 4:13 am #148688

    I apologized and asked if it was weird and he told me it wasn’t.
    He knows that both his mother and I are very happy with each other, and he really looks up to me for how I have been there for both him and his mom.

    Still, I’ve kept my distance.
    but as days go by, with us spending every moment together, I can not help but to desire to be with her.

    I’m not sure what exactly it could do to my friendship with her son but I spend far more time with her than I do him.
    and her and I have so much in common, whereas my friend is very young in mind and is like a young kid to me.

    She subtly lets me know how she feels, telling me that I look good in certain clothes, touching me for lengths and sliding her hand down my arm gently.
    We have caught ourselves staring at each other for periods.
    Many people have thought we were already together because it looks natural, and they tell us we look good.
    When I ask, they say to not mind my friend because we should be together.

    September 12, 2017 at 8:07 am #148689

    Someone asked me the other day, without knowing, they said “where is your girl at?”

    We stand very close and go on long walks together and cook meals together and we build each other in great ways.

    My last relationship was for 6 years

    and, so, I want to be with this woman but am not sure how I should do this.
    I think we’re beyond dates and money spending. We are hikers and home cookers and hard workers on projects together.

    So, do I give her a massage and then…. ??
    Do I cook her dinner and set a mood?

    I am afraid to be romantic.
    I also felt afraid to be in a relationship again at all.

    and the age difference makes me nervous.
    I am very solemn and would hate to come off as a youthful and overexcited hopeless romantic.

    I feel that initiating this would lead to a very intense relationship.

    So, I need good advice because when I feel brave, I suddenly feel too nervous!! every-single-day

    Thanks for reading my long story!