How to get her interest/text?


How to get her interest/text?

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    October 30, 2016 at 9:39 am #115774
    How to get her interest/text?

    So bit of back story, I just moved back home from overseas after four years of studying. I caught up with her every now and then when i came back for holidays, all of the time she knew i was interested in her. Then when i moved back we caught twice, then a few weeks ago we went out to pub got a bit drunk we then went to a club and we made out a bit i asked her out and she said yes. Two weeks ago we went on our first date to dinner and we have a second to a city rooftop cinema in three days time. Now the problem is that we only ever really text to organise when to see each other next and thats about it, whenever i text with anything the response is normally a few hours or the next day and is really short and to the point, she never initiates conversations over text. On our last date she did mention what we could do for other dates and talked about driving away for a holiday with friends over new year. Also she is a shy and introverted girl.

    Help me what should i do regarding texting

    November 5, 2016 at 2:58 pm #116480

    Hmmmm….well in my opinion maybe ask her next time see her. OR she could very much be the type that doesn’t like to text… Some people are like that. Maybe try calling her on the phone?. I personally like texting over talking on the phone but that’s just me. Considering that you two are still hanging out, I’d say there is some level of interest on both parts but how much is the question. I’d say either talk to her or see if maybe she isn’t the texting type person. Good luck 🙂