How to win her back after being very pushy


How to win her back after being very pushy

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    June 11, 2013 at 12:12 am #33170
    How to win her back after being very pushy

    This girl and I have been talking about 5 months. She was the first to contact me about hanging out, so I know she liked me at one point. But I am pushy, meaning I always want to hangout and text. Anyways, about 2 months in she said we could only be friends because she had a lot going on in her life, which truth be told she did. I told her I wanted to help her but she said she is independent woman. A couple weeks later I text her and she says she did miss me. She said she wanted to be friends first then start a relationship. So we started hanging out again. Everything went great but I did become too pushy, Ill definitely admit it. So here we are after hanging out for 5 months of talking, I am finally starting to make head way, because we are holding hands and kissing. But then she just started to not reply to my texts. I became annoyed and just to get a response started to text her a lot. She did text me back and said we could only be friends and would like to start again as that. So that only lasted about a week before I became annoyed because I did want a relationship. One day I decided Ill make her stop talking to me, I texted her several times throughout the day and she said to stop and blocked me on facebook. I gave her a week to cool down, and then I sent her an apology text telling how I know I put what I want before her, meaning a relationship. She added me back on facebook but did not text me. I texted her and just asked how her diet was going, because she recently started one. She has not responded and its been a couple of hours. I really dont want to mess it up anymore and try to win her back. Anyone have any good advice? I really could use help with the next step.