Hypocritical Girl


Hypocritical Girl

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    August 15, 2018 at 5:03 am #181612
    Hypocritical Girl

    So, I have been seeing this girl. She is 29, has a daughter (I have 3 boys), and I really think she is amazing! I have only had one red flag with her so far, and I feel as though this could be a dealbreaker. Tell me what you guys think.

    This girl has ALOT of guy friends. Some of these guys she has slept with, or had relationships with, and claims she is only friends with them now. I can tell that she enjoys male attention, as she goes to the gym just because she has male friends there. I personally, could care less about these friends of hers. If she cheats, she cheats. I know I cant prevent that, and I could care less. My problem is that she has issues with me being friends with ex’s. She gets jealous, and just cant seem to deal with the fact that my ex was a huge part of my life while dealing with serious life changes. My ex is a good person What do you do about a hypocritical girl in this regard?

    August 23, 2018 at 4:35 pm #182477

    She’s not “the one” for you. Move on!
    Most people don’t want to date someone who stays in touch with all their exes or hangs out with guys/girls for attention.
    However one would think if you’re into doing it yourself you would have no problem with your mate doing it as well.

    The truth is her so called “male friends” would jump at the chance to have sex with her if she gave them the “green light”.
    Don’t believe me? The two of you could do a test whereby you sit next to her when she calls one of these “friends”.
    Have her tell the guy she’s feeling lonely and horny and wanted to know if he could swing by.
    Odds are not many (if any) of these guys will respond with: “Ew! That’s GROSS! You’re like a Sister to me!”

    Nevertheless someone you’ve just started seeing is in no position to choose your friends.
    Friends and family come as part of the package when entering into a relationship or marriage.
    If you have to drop family/friends to make it work she/he is wrong for you!