I am 14 years old. Yesterday I attended a party where I got to know the most bea


I am 14 years old. Yesterday I attended a party where I got to know the most bea

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    February 6, 2017 at 1:55 am #125766
    I am 14 years old. Yesterday I attended a party where I got to know the most bea

    I am 14 years old. Yesterday I attended a party where I got to know the most beautiful, kind and funny girl that I’ve ever encountered [16/f]. This may sound cheesy, but if you knew me in person you would realize how unusual this really is. I have spent the last year studying advanced mathematics well beyond my age. For this reason, I have not been especially active in social circles. My desire to see this girl once again is uncontrollable. I have reasons to believe that she might have some interest in me as well, but I’m not even remotely sure. The problem is that she’s 2 years older than me and I have difficulties flirting with girls my age. Should I text her? If so, how should I begin the conversation and break the ice ? Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

    February 6, 2017 at 11:24 am #125807

    Text her!!! I know you posted for men’s opinion and I am an older, woman. You sound like a wonderful, young man and if this girl is smart and as wonderful as you think, she will realize what a “catch” you are! I don’t think your chronological age matters,I imagine you are more mature than most your age. Go for it!!

    Just say “Hi, I had a great time talking with you at the party. Would you like to have pizza( or whatever you want to eat) with me on Saturday? ” If she was kind and funny to you seems like she likes you at least a little. And if she says yes……BRING FLOWERS!!! Not expensive ones just some pretty ones!!!
    GOOD LUCK! I wish you the best!

    February 6, 2017 at 10:09 pm #125912

    Though the fact that you want her deeply, dont get along with it.. A real man can control his emotion, but your problem was you are at the point where the incontinence where most uncontrollable(at your age), its really hard to do so, but the first thing how to flirt a girl is to control our uncontrollable emotion..

    Why should you?

    First, if your emotion overtake your actions, things might lead you to the worst like being very nervous in her. Her impression about you might gone bad and I guess you don`t want those things to happen?

    Second, when the time come you are about to approach her, your mind will get very excited and to the point you have to think for the things like “what should I do next?”..and that was totally not good.

    Think of your situation( as you said you are studious) how do you answer your exams? Calmness, confidence, and trust to yourself. Maybe those things are the one you are feeling right?

    Play it cool..

    Ask me if you have further questions.

    February 7, 2017 at 12:39 pm #125972

    have you even had a conversation with this girl besdies “hi.. nice party? nice weather we’re having?”
    how much have you and her talked and about what at this point?

    in general.. if you like somebody.. talk to them. ask them out. their answer to you letting them know you want to take tem out will tell you if they are interested back or not. so that’s the quickest way to tell.

    but realize that just from how you’ve presented it – this could be all in your head and nothing more. stil…. the ultimate way to find out is to ask her out.. and don’t do this weak “wanna go out” stufff. COME UP wiht a specific date/time and activity/plan and talk to her about this “cool thing that sounds fun” you heard about.. how you’d love to go to it.. see if it sounds intersting to her.. then “invite her” to join you in going to it.

    good luck.