I don't know where to go from here.  Help?


I don't know where to go from here. Help?

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    April 24, 2013 at 11:48 am #29513
    I don't know where to go from here. Help?

    I met a guy about two weeks ago, he made the first move and said he would like to get to know me. I’m 18 and he’s 22. This guy is a semi-famous athlete who has girls pretty much throwing themselves at him all the time. He said there was something about me that he liked to he went out of his comfort zone to speak to me. We spoke via text and were getting along great. We went out on a first date about a week ago and it was great, he asked to see me again. We went out on a second date a couple days later, also great. Except he tried to kiss me and I wasn’t really for that. He said it was no big deal but our conversations slowed down after that. I saw him for a third time and we did kiss but I wouldn’t let him get any further. After that the conversation has come to a stand still. Here’s the thing, while all of this was going on was packing to go back home for the summer. His season is over and he only lives here while he’s playing, he will however be back here late August. Anyway, we seemed to have a lot in common and were having a good time together. He said we was still “into me” but didn’t know what the next move was because of his leaving for the summer. I’m not stupid I know he flirts with some of his fan girls and I’m sure other stuff happens between them too. But he made it seem like he was looking for more, perhaps with me. So now he’s back home and he still follows me on all my social media sites and he “likes” all my pics and stuff but other than that no real contact. I just don’t know how much of what he was saying was a line to try to sleep with me or if it was for real. He made comments early on about hopefully I will still like him when he gets back this fall. He asked me my plans for the future, stuff like career, marriage, kids, and he acted as if he might be interested in seeing where things went based on my answers. He made comments like make sure your degree is transferable to other places like Canada (where he’s from) and do I have a passport so I can visit him. I just don’t know what to think. The last time I saw him was 5 days ago when we kissed. The last time I spoke to him was 3 days ago. I really like this guy as a person and I thought he liked me. Is he shutting me out because I wouldn’t sleep with him right away? Is it because he wasn’t going to be here for the summer? I’m just so confused. I was kind of thinking my best move would be just try and be his friend over the summer (but I don’t want to pester him) and then see what if anything happens once he get back here. Any thoughts? I don’t want to waste my time if he’s just not into me.

    April 25, 2013 at 9:46 am #29655

    This post is from a guy,

    I would say it is due to the fact that you two won’t be seeing each other over the summer.

    I think you are over thinking the situation. Just stay in contact with him over the summer and when you see each other again. He will be interested, if he wants to be.

    See other people over the summer. If things click back on when school starts, then take it from there.