I got an arranged marriage and am kind of not into her?


I got an arranged marriage and am kind of not into her?

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    March 24, 2019 at 1:00 pm #197507
    I got an arranged marriage and am kind of not into her?

    So I am a Muslim and got into an arranged marriage. I guess partly is my fault cuz I wasn’t “alpha” to say the least. I had many opportunities to find my own girl but my beta traits never lead me to find my own.

    At age 37 I was flown by mommy and daddy to India from USA to find my “partner” (basically in our religion we have standards to marry the same religious opposite sex).

    Now I am in a situation where she is in India and we are waiting for USCIS to approve her right to enter USA by a visa.

    Things that don’t make her my type I feel are the following

    1. She doesn’t understand USA entertainment such as television, stars, music etc.
    2. She doesn’t understand sarcasm humor or
    3. She doesn’t dress like Americans (I understand she was raised in India and only would know what she knows to her knowledge)
    4. She doesn’t speak good english

    Honestly I feel like doing a secret divorce and run as fast as I could….advice?

    March 24, 2019 at 2:06 pm #197510

    All the things you mention you don’t like about her are superficial.
    Odds are in 10 years she’ll become accustom to living the lifestyle of Americans.
    Learning American customs via osmosis is how many immigrants (who choose to assimilate) do so.
    Unfortunately not everyone who moves here WANTS to actually be a part of our culture.

    We make it easy for many people to live and function without ever having to learn English.
    There are probably Indian restaurants, social clubs, radio/TV stations and newspapers.
    Assimilation in America is a choice! That’s a plus and a minus.

    Not even all Americans share the same taste in humor, music, movies, fashion, and so on.
    Having the freedom to think as you please is one of the attractions people have towards the U.S.

    As you know in American culture women generally are less submissive than women from very religious cultures.
    More often than not it is men from those countries who become upset when their (wives) become Americanized.

    June 15, 2019 at 6:32 pm #202162

    How do you get a secret divorce?