I may have messed it up with her … but I'm going to try to redeem it.


I may have messed it up with her … but I'm going to try to redeem it.

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    March 19, 2016 at 8:33 am #96084
    I may have messed it up with her … but I'm going to try to redeem it.

    Hi guys,

    I have been seeing this girl quite a bit recently (dinner/arcades/cinema/drinks etc) and its been lovely, however last weekend something happened and we ended the night slightly .. ‘off’. I can’t say why, I don’t know! But it didn’t feel right. We haven’t really spoken since then and I’ve given her some space.

    However now I want to message her and try and redeem something – I really care about her and don’t want to potentially lose her over nothing. We’ve been friends for many years, so its not like shes some random ‘tinder’ girl or something. We’re quite close.

    I’m planning on saying I’m sorry for last weekend, I could see she wasn’t too happy at the end. Let me make it up to her – invite her over for pizza/film etc (no pressure that way, we can just laugh and talk). Say its a clean slate or something (I want to get across that I’m trying to make up for it, but don’t want to say ‘fresh start’ as that implies we didn’t have a nice time before .. when we did!)

    March 19, 2016 at 8:36 am #96085


    I have already tried calling her but she didn’t answer (it was quite late but .. still). So I’m just going to message her this. But maybe include a little “(This is what I was calling you about before! And I will call you again to ask if you’ll pick up this time? :P)”

    – would just make it a bit more light hearted maybe? We’ve been friends for years, so little jokes and things are fine!

    Is this all a good idea? We’re both final year uni students so, we don’t have forever. If we did, I’d probably give her a bit more space first but .. time is running out!

    Any ideas on things to say etc would be appreciated. Thanks very much!