I need advice on thinking i found the one


I need advice on thinking i found the one

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    May 9, 2013 at 12:11 pm #30813
    I need advice on thinking i found the one

    Ok so here is the quick version. I met this wonderful single mother at my son’s friends b-day party. We hit it off despite the 7 year difference. I felt like i knew her for years. we start chatting online that night and i come to find out she has been beat and so on so forth in the past. Naturally it makes me mad but my focus is on making her see how beautiful she is.
    have to say here is some backround on me. I am in a dull boring sex less nothing there relationship and live with this woman. I am upfront to the new woman and tell her i live with someone that i can\\\\\\\’t stand and are roommates b/c thats how it feels.
    I pride myself on honesty.
    B/c of the new woman\\\\\\\’s past, she has trust issues. I totally understand why she would be iffy about me, i can see that. But In my heart i am honestly done with the woman i live with, just cant afford to move out.
    How can i make the new woman see how much im starting to care about her and how much i would love to leave where i am now for her.
    we kissed once. I made the move and dont know why i dont cheat, but it felt right. She had mixed feelings. I can see in here eyes when she looks at me and can tell she really like me also.
    HELP ME, i think she is the one for me.

    P.s. her son likes me a lot and my kids like her a lot

    May 16, 2013 at 6:34 pm #31478

    Ok, nobody is “the one” just over a few chats and a peck on the lips.

    You’re infatuated with the idea that you found someone to save you from your current shitty relationship. If you’re an honest guy and want things to work, get out of the old situation and THEN think about dating someone new.

    You’re putting a lot of eggs in one basket to assume that this STRANGER can even take you away from a miserable relationship. She’s fragile, will trust anyone who isn’t her ex, but doesn’t trust you because you’ve already said you’re not available and making moves like a horn-ball.

    You know you have to end one thing to start another. Reassure the new lady you’re going to move on from the current woman and be true to your word. She’ll be expecting you to act as you say so don’t lie and keep the current woman at arm’s reach.