I need girl's advice


I need girl's advice

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    May 11, 2017 at 6:24 am #136051
    I need girl's advice


    First of all i got a lot of questions. I realy like a girl who is taking dancing classes for prom with me and i know her for around 6 months now. I see her once a week and i realy like her. Im a bit shy guy and im always nervous around her and she is a bit shy too so its realy hard. Now these dancing classes will end because prom is here but i want still seeing her. Would it be weird if i say to her I like her and i want still seeing her? And is it weird if I start texting her on facebook on 2 days or maybe one day to ask her how she is and this staff. And is it weird if i tell her one prom she is cute? I know i have a lot of questions but i would realy like to hear women opinion on this. And i would realy like to know what girl want to talk about with a guy and maybe which questions girls liked to be asked. And one more.. could you just give me some tips on what to tease a girl cuz im realy bad at this cuz im not relaxed with her. I realy hope you take your time and anser me 🙂

    May 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm #136270

    First of all, if you are both shy it will be hard one of you will have to relax and just be yourself think of it this way when you go out with her think of it like going out with your man friends. I’m sure your not shy with them but treat her like a lady, remember they put their pants on the same way is you do. Just be a gentleman if you do tease her that will come in time. If you are both shy teasing her might not be a good option but make sure you do bring her flowers.If you to hit it off and if she keeps looking at you and smiling and you do slow dancing and she gets very close chances are she really likes you when the time is right, stare at her eyes and move your face towards her but very slow and she should do the same and lets hope she don’t back off, either way, I would definitely ask her out because if she back away when you try to kiss that could mean she’s just shy. Good Luck and have a good time.

    May 12, 2017 at 4:48 pm #136339

    Unless she is going to prom with someone she likes or her boyfriend or something, you should get the courage to ask her out or something. Also, teasing kind of important if you’re shy. Like, I’m really shy when people are too nice to me, but I open up easily when they tease me. Teasing shouldn’t be too insulting if you guys don’t know each other that well yet. Don’t tease about anything physical, like hair, skin, or anything someone might be insecure about. But if she trips or something, you could laugh and say “smooth” and then help her up. Or if someone’s doing something funny or there’s a weird looking animal around you could point at them and say “that’s you”. But don’t too anything too harsh unless you absolutely know that she won’t take it the wrong way. Make jokes that can break the ice and make her more comfortable and less formal around you. Compliments are good, but don’t overdo it, otherwise she might think you have high expectations and not be able to relax around you.