i need some objective advice


i need some objective advice

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    January 24, 2020 at 2:18 am #228337
    i need some objective advice

    I am 59 years old and I am kind of dating a 63 year old widower and I am a widow. We have both been single for a while. My thing is I really like him and I would like to be in a relationship[ with him. We text pretty much everyday and I have seen him a few times. I usually initiate the text but he has as well. He always answers my text pretty quickly and is always super nice and teasing. I was trying to really flirt with him and he told me he wanted me to slow down. I am still a vibrant sexual woman and I can’t tell if I have just overwhelmed him or if he even likes me like that. He did text me this evening said he hadn’t heard from me all day and was worried I was out playing in the snow. I don’t know if he was fishing that maybe I was building a snowman with someone else or what? We really do get along well when we are together and he seems to like me. He has kissed me a couple of very platonic kisses when he leaves. I just don’t know? Any thoughts?

    January 25, 2020 at 2:34 am #228403

    “I am 59 years old and {I am kind of dating} a 63 year old…”

    “We text pretty much everyday and I have seen him a [few times}.”
    ” I was trying to really flirt with him and he told me {he wanted me to slow down}.”

    “..he seems to like me.”
    ” He has kissed me a couple of {very platonic kisses} when he leaves.”

    Based upon what you’ve said it sounds like you have been “hanging out” and NOT dating!

    You didn’t mention how you met or how long this has been going on.
    However if you’ve only seen each other a (few times) it doesn’t sound like anything “serious”.

    Most men would love to have a woman flirt with them and in doing so would likely kiss her (passionately).
    He’s either not romantically interested in you, hasn’t fully gotten over the loss of his wife, or is sexually impotent.

    Either way it is probably best for you keep your options open by (dating other men).
    Clearly he’s NOT mentally where you are. Avoid emotionally investing in him.
    If two adults (want to be together) it shouldn’t be a challenge to make it happen!