I need your advice guys


I need your advice guys

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    April 3, 2017 at 10:01 pm #131959
    I need your advice guys

    I have dated a guy for 2 times. Both of us are looking for a long term relationship that ends up with marriage,
    At the 1st date we realized that we have a lot in common, we understand each other quiet well. He looks so serious, even when he wants to make fun he doesn’t laugh, just a quick smile. while I am a proactive woman that always laughs loud.
    After the second date he told me that he is dating another woman as well, and as far as we don’t have physical touch it sounds reasonable (That’s his idea) He said there should be a chemistry in kissing as well. Now the problem is that ,I am a med school student, so busy with the courses and don’t have that much time for dating many guys.He said you can date others like doctors and your colleagues as well. He invited me for the third date and I couldn’t make it because of preparing for final exams.Kissing everyone he dates is annoying for me.
    If he asks for another date should I tell him I don’t like him dating others ? Am I demanding?

    April 4, 2017 at 11:55 am #132021

    so.. he makes out with all his dates to see if they have “chemistry”?
    hmmm.. i don’t know about you – but i thnk you sorta can tell if you have chemistry and similar “kissing styles” before you kiss if you’re really paying attention no? Yes once in a while there are surprises and if there is a surprise – then you know the person is presenting themselev in a way they truly aren’t and at that point – should question the whole thing…

    anyway.. this sounds a bit creepy to me and if it were me.. i wouldn’t’ be feeling much chemsitry with such a person. so it depends on what you’ve felt with him besides this.

    as far as appropriateness – my rule has always been until you claim exclusivity with each other, neiher has the right to tell the person they can’t see other people. you may be a single-dater only but not everybody is. dating to me does not equal marriage or a relatoinship and so “dating” by default to me is understood as “multi-dating” until youre in a relationship.