I still love him, he says he doesn't. Broke up about a month ago.


I still love him, he says he doesn't. Broke up about a month ago.

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    January 22, 2016 at 12:16 pm #91981
    I still love him, he says he doesn't. Broke up about a month ago.

    We were together for 6 months (LDR) and it was the best ever! We were so badly in love and saw a future together and all. We couldn’t imagine each other with anyone else. We were convinced it was destiny and we’d found our soulmates. We fought too. During the months of November and December things started going a little haywire. We started fighting a lot. I was going through a stress-induced depression phase which had nothing to do with this. He was very busy with his work and I was getting desperate for some answers from the past incidences. He wouldn’t answer me, I started becoming rude to him, we fought even more. He met up a week before 2015 ended and broke up. He said he had no feelings left for me, he was getting negativity from me. He said when such things ended for him, they were final and that we could never get back again. I say it was true love because we shared and cherished something too deep….or has it actually died? Can I hope to get him back? We’ve been in NC now.

    January 22, 2016 at 12:23 pm #91982

    Right now, his friend told me he’s doing good. Actually, ‘better than ever’. What do I infer from this? Is it true that his feelings actually died forever? How do such deep feelings just die? We saw a future together, we couldn’t ever see ourselves staying apart or with anyone else, we were committed to each other and he said we were almost half-married. He wanted to grow old with me, have kids with me, he wanted me everywhere with him in the future. When we guys were together in person, the rest of the world went to hell for us. He was for me, I was for him, and that was our world and we never felt any happier or more comfortable in life. He’s not very emotional, but I saw a new side of him when he was with me. He wrote letters and whatnot! The first kiss was enough to tell us that ‘this person’ would be the one I’d get married to one day. We knew we’d found our soulmate.

    January 22, 2016 at 8:28 pm #91985

    I’m no expert but I think that he probably loved you and then once the fighting had started he had forgotten why he fell in love in the first place and eventually lost interest.