Ignored by girl without warning or reason


Ignored by girl without warning or reason

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    August 13, 2013 at 5:08 pm #37053
    Ignored by girl without warning or reason

    Long story short:

    I’ve been interested in a girl I had befriend in school for about a year. After becoming friends in class, I waited things out for months with her, as she had a boyfriend up until May. Later on, in early June, this girl told me we should get drinks together after having not seen or spoken to each other for about a month.

    The two of us went out, with a friend of hers in tow, for a casual night of hanging out at two bars close to her house. We talked, I made her laugh plenty, there was some back and forth flirting, and she even asked if I was single after she and her friend were talking about her now being single. I figured this was all well and good. At the end of the night I told her we ought to hang out again sometime soon, and she agreed.

    Two days later, she texts me saying she’s “unexpectedly free” and asked if I wanted to hang out with her. I said yes, of course, picked her up at her house, and the two of us had dinner and some drinks at a local restaurant/bar. After talking about just about everything imaginable, joking around and flirting a bit for five hours, I dropped her off at her home. She told me she had fun and enjoyed our talking about “everything”. I didn’t feel like I was getting the signal for a kiss though, and I perhaps foolishly didn’t go for it. Still, a great night.

    A week later she came over to my place to hang out and watch Netflix for a couple hours. Unfortunately, that wound up involving eating dinner with my folks. Living at home soon after college wasn’t an off putting thing for her, since she was in the same boat. She had dinner with us – something I wanted to avoid, since meeting the parents and eating dinner with them is a bit relationship-y – and seemed totally fine with it. Afterwards we returned to watching Netflix and talking. While her conversation was totally fine and open, her body language suggested she was at least slightly uncomfortable. We were sitting on a two person couch, and she was kind of at the very far end, not facing me when we were talking. Still, our conversation was light, not awkward, and fun.

    After she had to leave, I told her we should hang out again later that week, assuming things were moving along fairly well and she would be alright with that. She told me she had “work things to do” and would have to check her schedule, which seemed fine enough. Later that week I called, and though I was a bit nervous with the call, she agreed to grab a drink with me that week. The day we were supposed to go out I called and left a sort of goofy voicemail based on a conversation we had asking if we were still on for that night. She texted back two hours later saying she was pretty certain she either had or was about to come down with strep throat, so she was just going to stay in that night. I told her that was fine, and a few days later told her we should get together once she was feeling better. After getting no response, I figured it was because she was sick. After getting no response from another text one week later, I got a bit worried, and left her a Facebook message asking her if she had gotten my most recent text – she had a history with breaking her phones and being forgetful with texts, so I figured Facebook was a good bet. Soon after, I got the tag “message seen”, yet no response again.

    Obviously, I get the feeling I’m being ignored here, yet there’s no really good reason for it. We’ve gotten along well, I’ve proven myself not to be a creep in our one-on-one time together, and she sent off plenty of signals that she was interested. I can’t imagine why she’s now ignoring me altogether. Maybe I came on too strong? Or not strong enough? Maybe I should have avoided bringing her to my place so soon with my parents around? Maybe one of my calls for our fourth time out creeped her out?

    What are your thoughts, people? I’d love some advice so I can figure out where to go from here.

    August 17, 2013 at 12:14 am #37275

    I would leave her alone until she comes back to you and then speak about everything when you finally meet up again!

    September 19, 2013 at 2:41 pm #39335

    She might have seemed totally find with the whole dinner with the parents thing, but dude when have you seen a girl who is fine with dating a boy still living at home? Hint: never.